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How can learn English?

How can I become fluent?

How do I speak like a native speaker?

I want to improve my English. What should I do?

These are all questions that I ALWAYS get from people trying to learn English as a foreign language. The bad news is, I can't answer any of those questions for you. The good news is, I will show you how YOU can figure them out for yourself.

All of my courses are designed to be INTERACTIVE. That means, I want you to learn by doing. My courses are intended for you to follow the instructions, learn the parts of English we practice, and then produce something for yourself. I also encourage you to sign up for a class at if you want some 1-on-1 attention. My goal is for you to reach your goals.

Welcome to Language Galaxy. How do you learn best? Let's figure it out. Thanks for stopping by!

A common thing I hear why people don't want to sign up for an online English course is because there is no interaction or correction with the teacher. I've solved that problem! You can now sign up for a 1-on-1 Class with a Native English teacher to specifically work with you on your coursework.

Sign up for 1-on-1 Skype class where we will:

- Correct and give feedback on your coursework.

- Upgrade your language by teaching additional expressions and general English use

- Customize classes centered around what you need

- Give optional additional homework

- Improve English fluency

- Much more!

SIGN UP TODAY and check it out!